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November 11, 2011
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END RUN: Chase Austerby by Vhu END RUN: Chase Austerby by Vhu
Ladies and mentlegen, END RUN.
And a wall-text. :|

The guy.

    NAME: Chase Austerby
    AGE: 23
    HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 1.80m (around 5'10" ft) / 81 kg (179 lbs)
    HOMETOWN/REGION: Vermilion City/Kanto
    EXTRA ITEMS: Military issued shovel and knife, journal, pen, pencils, photo of his wife and daughter, wedding ring
    THEME: [link] and [link]
    BATTLE THEME: [link]

  • A struggling violinist, Chase's vision of making a career as a musician was hindered by harsh reality and his family's disdain for such a petty living. Chase had to frequently take on small jobs which were scarce to find in the years preceding the war. However, his wife's father, an owner of a well-off shipping business, ever so generously would provide him with labor - but only such he deemed suiting to his son in law's social standing - of the low-class kind.
    In face of the obviously spiteful offers Chase would, for those rare moments in his life, bite his tongue, take the jobs up and do his best. The experience didn't affect him very well, it seems.
    When recruitment for the Kanto Army was announced, particularly down on his luck and money, he enlisted not only for the well-paid job, but also to please his disdainful parents - of blood and law; at least so he claims. After the war he plans to continue trying to make a living as a musician, wishing to move with his wife and daughter abroad, to Unova, to start a new, better life.

    Chase is best described as a honorable and good-spirited jerk; witty and taking things in his stride, he tends to come off as cocky, frequently poking light-hearted fun at people and situations, but he is never spiteful or looking down on others. For a generally jolly fellow he is far from being a preaching optimist, as he keeps a perhaps unexpectedly firm grasp on reality. Given his tendency to openly speak his mind he has his moments of grim observation sprinkled with dark humor. This however does not stop him from keeping his chin high and crowned with a sly grin. Most of the time.

  • MISC:
    - Artistically inclined in music and visual arts; plays the violin and guitar, can figure out new instruments pretty quick;
    - Very high alcohol tolerance, though he drinks surprisingly rarely;
    - Married and a father, much to everyone's confusion and, frequently, disbelief, so unless he mentions it it definitely isn't obvious; he wears his wedding ring on a chain around his neck.
    - Childhood friends with Nathan.

    - Left-Handed

  • POST R3:
    Chase doesn't have any personal feelings towards the Rogues, but he finds the entire movement rather pointless and unnecessarily complicating the war by creating a second enemy faction for Kanto. Doesn't care enough for Pokemon to care for the Rogue ideals.

    Comparing to many fellow soldiers, Chase is taking the war pretty well so far. He's tired from the prolonged physical/mental stress of the military, but overall, and strangely enough, he's good. Not as chipper as he was by the start, but still has a quip or two to say about anything that comes up, if out of habit.

    His occasionally brutal pragmatism is slowly seeping through his casually friendly demeanor. If spoken to about enemies or seen in battle it will become apparent he carries out all orders with little to no second thoughts, mercy or regrets. If asked about it, he will claim he is just doing what he must and he's able to compartmentalize the things he does. Also won't want to really talk any further about it.

  • POST R4:

    Chase was promoted to the rank of officer and now oversees a small, 5-man fireteam of scouts.


    Carries Ophelius' Odd Stone in a fitted backpack. Post of the backpack fits the Stone, has a few small additional pockets for a radio, basic first-aid and additional knickknacks that might be needed on a mission. Chase still carries his journal and a pen/pencil in the flap of his jacket.

    Has a single machete fitted for left hand use.

    Darker parts of coat around shoulders/arms are plated with light but durable material for a bit of extra protection while retaining generally high mobility.

    Only his hat remains from his old uniform. The new goggles are a prototype to what one day may become Go-Goggles.

The Mons:

  • Sneasel | Lonely Nature | Keen Eye | Female
    THEME: [link]
    BATTLE THEME: [link]

  • Marika led a wild life in the routes surrounding Mt. Silver and, until she was caught, never had any close enough encounter with humans or their world. She went through basic combat training and was rather quickly shipped to give away to one of the new cadets.
    Since Chase won't usually give her commands, she will tend to act on her own accord. She's rather creative at using her moveset and will prove to be a reliable partner.</sub>

    Introverted and horridly awkward in her new surroundings, Marika finds herself having a hard time adjusting to all the new things she's suddenly being exposed to, shrouding her usual daring nature with a grudging and highly focused demeanor, though she let's her natural curiosity get the best of her from time to time. She is reserved and cautious towards both other people and Pokemon, willing to cooperate if she must, but remaining rather detached. She does not allow to have herself picked up or petted and will lash out in warning at anyone who attempts such contact.</sub>

  • NOTES: Marika's left ear is cut.

  • Spiritomb | Quiet Nature | Infiltrator | Male

    A supportive/defensive member of the team, Ophelius is tame and responsive to cooperation with humans, though his quiet, ghastly presence can become quite unsettling for those not used to him.
    He was picked up by a trapper team hunting for Pokemon in Sinnoh. Initially approached with great caution and fear, when the military specialists realized he is not nearly as harmful as old Sinnohan tales hold his species to be, they cautiously prescribed him for military training.
    Ophelius didn't seem to mind and, in fact, apparently enjoys the ride, getting to see new places and things and do some funky fighting with a human. He's cool with that.

  • Pretty goddamn chill for what's supposed to be a cluster of 108 spirits, Ophelius just kind of hangs around on this crazy ride of a war, plays nice and cooperates with Chase. He his moments of quirky curiosity usually aimed at people or human technology.
    He seems to be a bit envious when he sees other beings eat or sleep. Sometimes he attempts to chew on something or close his eye and kind of flop about on the ground, but it doesn't seem to work like he'd like it to.

  • Hydreigon | Brave Nature | Levitate | Female

    A mode of transport and tank in one, Hersylia was bred in captivity and trained as a mount. She is highly accustomed to and comfortable around humans, though she is far from docile and will lash out in warning if annoyed or treated badly. She can grow wild and hard to restrain when she is injured.

  • Not nearly as intelligent as most Dragon-Types but still observant and loyal enough to be an asset when left to fend for her own. Hersylia is a high maintenance, somewhat sassy beast, has little tolerance for annoyances, new things and military-issued monster feed and doesn't take kindly to being overburdened or confronted with a different rider then Chase.
    For all her less then convenient quirks, though, she is a highly agile flier and one hell of a tank in battle.

Arpad was removed from Chase's team as he was either too far from evolving or unable to evolve. He is well and alive and happily perching on tall places and being king of the mountain and reigning over those silly, silly humen researchers who are currently taking care of him.
bonus: [link]
courtesy of ~AriadneArca


Edit (10.11.2012: R5, updated post R4 text, new references for Pokemon, added Hersylia, removed Arpad. Will need to update the pictures for Chase later on.
Edit (22.09.2012: R4, updated post R3 text as well as uniform; seperate reference for Ophelius pending.
Edit (19.03.2012): updated art and text and formatting for R2, added Arpad
Edit (15.01.2012): redacted text, switched out moveset; 'Reflect' for 'Leer'

characters, creatures (c) respective owners
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Awesome character
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Dude, I love the designs, especially that wicked Spiritomb. I've only recently discovered End Run and this is by far my favorite entry yet.

The fact that I'm a huge fan of dark types and that his personality is almost exactly how my friends have described me couldn't possibly have influenced my opinion. Probably. :)

Truly excellent work, dude.
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